Data Solutions

Data Analytics

Everything you need to know about your customers, and how to turn that knowledge into profit.

Our ISO27001 accredited bureau can help you to fully understand your customers, who they are, where they come from and how they connect with the rest of the UK.

Whether you're looking to acquire more customers or to retain and grow your current client base we can help.

We can run analysis on your current customer file, and using our consumer insight variables across both our postal and email databases, build an accurate model of who your customers are and how to gain more of them.

For more information on our profiling services please view our info sheet HERE.

Database Management

Outsourcing the management of your database administration tasks enables you to save money and to redeploy in-house expertise to work on higher value, business-building projects.

We can keep your data clean and accessible and in the event of a disaster, data corruption or other problem, we can rapidly restore your data to maintain business continuity.

Reduce costs, retain control

Administration accounts for a significant proportion of the total cost of ownership of a database system. It is also extremely difficult for unspecialised database professionals to drive high performance from most commercial systems, so extensive training is usually required for all programmers and users.

Our Database Administrators work closely with you to contribute the specific expertise you need where database components form part of a larger project.

We can turn your data into lucrative revenue

No matter what your brand or the size of your business, if you have a database of customers we can help you use these to generate extra revenue very simply.

Once we have a good understanding of your commercial objectives we can quickly help you find the right mix of advertisers and businesses to target your customers with appropriate offers and promotions. With your choices ever-expanding, we work with you to make every step simple and take care of the details so you can get on with running your business.


We can merge numerous tables into one central database, keeping source flags whilst providing one clean file.


Immediate selections can be made from your database with data output as required.


Real time analysis of your data, with or without the numerous additional profiles which we can incorporate.


We have potential clients for all types of data, allowing you to gain additional income from your customers.

Database Enhancement

We can enhance your database in a number of ways – cleaning it first and then by adding, enhancing or updating a number of attributes.

All data needs to be clean and accurate, so we offer a full range of data cleaning products. More information on these can be found on our Data Cleaning page HERE. We also have an infographic detailing the cleansing process in full HERE.

We can then match your database at personal, household or address level against our own files to enhance or update your selections.

Depending on the matching level used, as well as what you use your database for, we can append attributes such as:

Personal data – year of birth, email address, income band;
Lifestyle – hobbies, interests & sports, newspaper readership, travel & holiday information;
Property data – housing tenure, house value, number of bedrooms, build date, residency;
Geodemographic – GeoSmart – the UK broken down into 17 bands at postcode level.